Parent liability waiver for kids

Student Info
Parent Info
I give permission for my child to register for and participate in Young Innovators’ Society and for the YIS to contact me through the email address and phone numbers listed here. This information is given for the private use of the teams, team formation and for the YIS to contact you. It is not to be otherwise released. My student /child may have pictures taken of him/her for team purposes and YIS promotional activities. Young Innovators’ society is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. I understand that I am solely responsible for the safety of my children. If I am not able to attend a Young Innovators' Society event with my child(ren), I will ensure that I have retained another adult to supervise them. I will hold the organization and its board and members harmless from any litigation relating to the Young Innovators’ Society activities and forfeit any claims against YIS, its board, coaches, and volunteers. I have read the information on this membership form and agree to comply with it. 
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