Empowering Young Innovators

About Young Innovators’ Society

Young Innovators’ Society (YIS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that facilitates participation in the First Lego League (FLL). YIS volunteers help students form teams, sponsors, provides coach training and host events geared towards fostering successful participation in FLL events.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to engage our community in global thinking and innovation by facilitating the collaboration between children, community, and business using engineering, entrepreneurship, and related disciplines as vehicles in a gracious, professional society. 

Our Values

At Young Innovators’ Society, we uphold these core values:


We believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation, fostering a culture of shared success and support.


We encourage creative thinking and problem-solving, driving forward-looking solutions in all our endeavors.

Community Engagement

We actively involve the community in our mission, seeking to bridge the gap between education, business, and society for a better future.


We uphold high standards of professionalism, ethics, and respect in all interactions, setting a positive example for all.


We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, recognizing the unique contributions and perspectives of every individual.

Learning Culture

We cultivate a culture of continuous learning and growth, empowering individuals to expand their horizons and skills.

Board of Directors

Sunil Narahari

Nadine Otterman

Mike Ferris

Meet Our Team

Astrid Moise


Sambit Sahoo


 Anju Agarwal


Thomas Sugimoto

Membership Chair

Haci Karahasanoglu

Events Chair

Prem Thangaraj

Outreach Chair

Kishan Rathod

Website Designer

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Publicity and Communications Chair

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